Cellulite Reduction Treatment

Cellulite Reduction for Firmer Looking Skin Whether age or genetics are to blame, cellulite is the bane of almost every woman (and more than a handful of men) that yearns after firm, youthful looking skin. On the bright side, having cellulite does not mean that you are overweight. It simply means that the normal fat beneath your skin is a little out of control and has begun to press against your connective tissue, causing those orange peel lumps and bumps that make you dread bikini season. Cellulite reduction can assist in diminishing the lumpy appearance of these fat pockets, giving your skin a softer, firmer appearance.

Cellulite Reduction Treatment While there are a variety of treatments available to reduce cellulite, ultrasound cellulite reduction treatment may be one of the most effective. Ultrasonic energy can be used to target a specific area of the body, breaking down unwanted fat cells in the subcutaneous region of the skin. Pulses of acoustic waves are able to penetrate the upper layers of skin without causing them any damage, targeting the stubborn fat pockets found 15mm below the surface of the skin.

Pulsed ultrasonic treatment ensures that fat cells are broken down instantly by a mechanical process, rather than by using heat. These “dead” fat cells are then evacuated from the body by its own natural pathways.

Cellulite Reduction Treatment Reviews After approximately three sessions, according to online cellulite reduction treatment reviews, many people report the changes in body contour that they are looking for. Sometimes the results are so favorable that they request treatment in other areas of their body. Ultrasonic cellulite reduction is good not only for the stomach region, but also for thighs and love handles. Another major perk of this particular cellulite treatment is the “walk in, walk out” nature of the procedure. Clients can easily schedule a session in their lunch hour, secure in the knowledge that they will not have to deal with any bruising, swelling or pain.

Massage Cellulite Reduction There are some people who believe that specific forms of massage can assist in reducing cellulite. The increased blood flow in the target area is said to remove unwanted toxins and lower fluid levels in areas that contain the most cellulite. Essentially, vigorous massaging does actually compress cellulite, thus reducing its appearance. However, the solution is only temporary and will probably not yield long-term results. For long-term cellulite removal, patients will need to seek an alternative solution.

Viora Cellulite Reduction Treatment This cellulite treatment combines radiofrequency and vacuum therapy to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. The radiofrequency energy is used to break up fat cells in the enlarged fat pockets under the skin, while the vacuum action helps to boost levels of circulation and activate lymphatic drainage in order to move unwanted fat cells out of the body. Patients reportedly experience no discomfort during Viora cellulite reduction treatment, anon-invasive procedure and will feel as though they are receiving a deep tissue massage.

Ionithermie Cellulite Reduction Treatment This type of cellulite reduction treatment is a combination of a topical application and mild electrical stimulation. A topical treatment of amino acids and micronized algae is applied to the surface of the skin. Gauze and a layer of clay are added in an effort to increase circulation and stimulate the release of unwanted toxins. Electrodes are applied to the treatment area for treatment sessions that last for roughly thirty minutes.

After the half-hour treatment, the topical algae treatment is almost completely dried out. The dried “shell” is easily cracked open and removed, after which a skin-soothing lotion is applied. Generally, the results of Ionithermie cellulite reduction treatment are only temporary. Repeat treatments assist in keeping the effects of cellulite at bay for longer periods of time.

Laser Lipo Treatment Laser Lipo is considered to be one of the most popular anti-cellulite treatments around. A high energy, precise laser is directed at a specific area. A small amount of heat is used to break down unwanted fat cells in the target area, which are then flushed out of the body along the natural pathways. Careful control of the laser ensures that the skin is not damaged and that the fat cells alone are targeted.

Cellulite Reduction Cream Most cellulite creams assist in reducing the effects of the problem by draining excess fluids and smoothing the surface of the skin. Unfortunately, the effects are only temporary as there is almost no way for the cream to penetrate to the subcutaneous levels of the skin. When choosing creams to temporarily reduce “orange peel” on the thighs or stomach, it is important to find products that assist in improving circulation.