Scar Removal

Laser Technology has enhanced the field of aesthetic medicine tremendously. One of the most popular treatments for Laser technology is that of scar removal. If you are considering scar treatments in McAllen or the surrounding area, please contact our office for more information.

Individuals must understand that scars might never be completely erased and the treatment is aimed at reducing the appearance of the scar. For this reason it is important for patients to have expectations for improvement and not perfection.

Alternative to Laser Scar Removal would be Surgery.

What is Scarring? Scarring occurs when the wound healing process has been altered. Normally the healing process begins with the inflammation of the area, and then the surrounding tissue formation develops. When a scar develops it is typically due to an inappropriate amount of collagen. There could be either too much or too little collagen.

Types of Scars There are typically three types of scars. Keloid scars are firm in nature, and have a raised and reddish-purple texture. They tend to extend beyond the original wound area and continue to build over time. Another form of scar is a Hypertrophic scar. These scars also have a firm nature and have a raised reddish-purple texture. These differ from Keloid scars in that they stay within the original wound area. The last main type of scar is an Atrophic Scar. This scar is depressed in nature with pin-like pocket texture. This type of scar is typically associated with skin conditions or diseases. Acne tends to be a typical cause of these types of scars.

Typical Candidates for Scar Removal Individuals that suffer from disorders such as psoriasis, cystic acne, and dermatitis may not respond well to laser scar removal. It is highly important that individuals that are currently taking medications such as Isotretinoin for acne must stop taking it at least 6 months prior to any form of laser treatment. At the consultation a physician will talk with you regarding your qualifications for this treatment. Every scar removal treatment must be tailored to the individual. A variety of techniques are employed to accomplish the most optimal appearance. The physician will outline the best treatment options at the time of the consultation appointment.

Scar Removal Process A laser is moved over the selected scar or scars for treatment. The intensity of the light from the Laser will vaporize (remove) the top layer of skin, exposing newer and healthier skin which will heal over time. As it heals, this new layer of skin can minimize the original scars appearance. The result is that this stimulates new collagen growth. This allows for the correction to be made from the inside out.

Most Laser Scar Removal Treatments are done with a topical anesthesia. The actual procedure can range anywhere from minutes to an hour and a half. There are many factors that contribute to the length of the procedure, such as area of treatment site, and number of selected areas. Your physician will outline the procedure with you prior to the surgery.

There are several risks to Laser Scar Removal Treatment in McAllen that individuals should be aware of. Hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation are two of the most common side effects. Both of these are worsened by sun exposure. There is the possibility of infection or allergic reactions, but these risks can be treated (or prevented) with medication.