Xeomin (incobotulinumtoxinA), is a prescription medicine approved by the US FDA for the treatment of cervical dystonia and blepharospasm in adults. It is manufactured from the bacteria that cause botulism, a condition associated with blocked muscle nerve activity. Since it was recently FDA approved for cosmetic indications, doctors can use it off label in the treatment of facial lines, frown lines, crow feet and forehead wrinkles also treated by Botox and Dysport.

Xeomin in comparison to Botox and Dysport

The three medications have a lot in common, but they also have some notable important differences. One distinction between it and its predecessors is that it does not need to be refrigerated which gives it an advantage in distribution. It has no additives — just type A botulinum toxin, thus potentially lessening the patient’s likelihood of developing antibodies to it.

Xeomin Uses

Injections to muscles of the face to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines in adult patients Injected into the muscles for the treatment of neck pain which is a characteristic of cervical dystonia in adults. Treatment of abnormal spasm of the eyelids in adults previously treated with Botox – blepharospasm. Possible Side Effects of Xeomin

There exists a risk that botulinum toxin may spread to other body area from the injection area. This may cause potentially life-threatening breathing and swallowing problems. However, these effects differ from one person to the other and may be minor or severe. Other side effects include:

Severe or persistent muscle weakness or spasms, shortness of breath, loss of strength, and speech problems or changes. Dizziness, blurred or double vision, drooping of the upper eyelid, reduced blinking, eyelid or eye swelling and eye pain. Fainting, chills, fever, loss of bladder control and a persistent sore throat. Dry mouth and pain or bleeding at the injection site.

Important Safety Information on Xeomin

The effects of this medication may be worse if taken with alcohol or other medicine. Use the medicine with caution and do not perform unsafe tasks such as driving before you know how you react with it. Ensure you stick to the time duration and dosage prescribed by your doctor. Do not switch it with other botulinum toxin products before the approval of your doctor. Resume normal activities gradually after medication to avoid risks of injury. How Much Does Xeomin McAllen Cost?

Xeomin price will be likely comparable to Botox. Since it was just recently approved in the US, its exact price points are not available. If your doctor recommends it for your treatment, ensure you ask about the cost and pricing before booking your appointment.

If you are interested in Xeomin injection for cosmetic treatments, consider consulting a suitable cosmetic dermatologist to explore your candidacy. During consultation, ask the doctor to discuss all potential risks associated with this medication. Be sure to select a cosmetic dermatologist who has extensive knowledge and experience, is reputable and qualified.