Wrinkle Fillers

Injectable Facial Fillers McAllen

Injectable Facial Fillers are fillers that are used to eliminate deep wrinkles, and enhance the shape of the lips. BeautySculptSpa of McAllen offers a wide variety of filler injections for the use of correcting wrinkles. If you would like to learn more about which filler would be best suited for your individual concerns, please call our office for a private consultation appointment.

Examples of Injectable Facial Fillers would be Collagen, Perlane, Restylane, Radiesse, Juvéderm Injectable Gel or Fat Transfer.

Injectable Facial Fillers are introduced just under the face’s surface through a very fine needle. It is injected at intervals along the line until the right amount of correction has been achieved. The treated area is then massaged gently to smooth the surface. The success and safety of Injectable Facial Fillers has caused this treatment to become a popular option.

Many patients do not realize that even if they have sensitive skin, or have had a reaction to a treatment in the past with a different skin product, you may still be able to be treated with one of the injectable facial fillers.

The results of injecting facial fillers are immediate and can be semi-permanent. One treatment may not be enough for particularly deep lines; therefore a second treatment may be required 2 to 4 weeks later. Many patients are required to have a follow up injection every 5–12 months in order to maintain the desired result. The longevity of the treatment is typically a function of the injectable facial filler chosen.

Due to the successful result of Injectable Facial Fillers, many patients are opting to consult with us to discuss if this is a viable option for them. BeautySculptSpa of McAllen is renowned for our cutting edge procedures and techniques. If you would like more information regarding facial injectable fillers, please call our office for a private consultation appointment.