Under Eye Bag Removal

There are, according to popular opinion, two tell-tale signs of a woman’s age: her hands and the bags under her eyes. Of the two problems, under eye bags may very well be the most frustrating to deal with. No amount of make-up or lotions and potions seem to be able to remedy the problem, and to many people it feels as though they have a full set of suitcases seeking refuge under their eyes. Unfortunately, there is no real cure for the passage of time. There is, however, a way to reduce the appearance of the aforementioned signs of ageing.

Under Bye bag Removal Without Surgery

There is the common misapprehension that under eye bags can only be removed with surgery, which is why so many people opt to live with the puffiness rather than have it fixed. The good news is that this unsightly swelling can be remedied without necessitating any invasive surgical procedures. While there may be tons of home remedies, including placing cold spoons under your eyes, the truth is that these “cures” only offer a temporary solution at best. Laser treatments, a type of under eye bag removal without surgery, on the other hand, are a viable option.

Under Eye Bag Removal Cream

In order to find the right cream for baggy eyes, patients need to know what causes the sagging. Essentially, there are two major causes for under the eye bags. One of them is ageing; the other is fluid retention. During the inevitable ageing process, the supportive tissue around the eye region begins to weaken, causing the skin directly under it to bulge and sag. If fluid retention is the culprit responsible for the sagging, the excess liquid tends to be harbored underneath the eye. When searching for an under eye bag removal cream or gel that will solve the problem, it is best to look for products containing caffeine, retinol, apple stem cells, tetrapeptide-7, or a combination of these ingredients. These types of products are intended to strengthen the skin by plumping it up and reducing the sagginess. Unfortunately, the results from these creams and gels tend to be temporary and not remarkably apparent.

Non Invasive Eye Bag Removal

Non surgical, non invasive eye bag removal is one solution to one of the most obvious signs of ageing. While radiofrequency treatment is an option, laser therapy may be a better choice. Too many people think of lasers as dangerous when, in actual fact, recent technological advancement has rendered this particular “tool” invaluable to the world of medical aesthetics. The best thing about this particular treatment is that it serves to enhance the body’s natural healing processes in order to facilitate skin tightening and firming around the eye region.

Laser Surgery for Bags Under Eyes

More often than not, the word “surgery” manages to strike almost anyone catatonic with apprehension. Laser surgery for bags under eyes, however, is entirely non-invasive and therefore there is no need for the fear of pain or dangerous side effects. This minimally invasive procedure assists in tightening the skin in order to eliminate signs of ageing. Essentially, the procedure helps to boost the body’s natural capability for collagen production. Collagen is responsible for the firmness and youthful glow of healthy skin. One treatment may be effective enough for some patients, while others may require a few additional sessions. The frequency of these treatments depends entirely on the severity of the under eye bags.

Before the first treatment session, patients are required to discuss their desired results with a qualified physician. During the consultation the doctor may show under eye bag removal before and after and will provide the patient with any necessary instructions before the procedure. These instructions will not be extreme, but may involve avoiding the use of OTC medications like aspirin and anti-inflammatories. Patients will probably also need to avoid drinking alcohol or smoking for a few days before the procedure simply because these substances tend to delay the body’s natural healing processes.

Generally speaking, patients may return to their normal daily activities directly after the treatment session. The “walk in, walk out” nature makes it a great favorite among working professionals. There are those who prefer to take the rest of the day off for some R&R, however this is not entirely necessary. Some mild swelling and redness around the treatment site may occur, though these effects tend to disappear within a few hours.

As with many other procedures, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding will be warned against doing laser treatment for baggy eyes. Any person with skin diseases or infections in the treatment area may also be required to seek alternative treatments.

New Procedure for Under Eye Bags

This new procedure for under eye bags can be highly effective in removing under eye bags. No anesthetic is needed during the treatment session, and patients generally do not suffer any pain or discomfort. The good news is that touch-up treatments are only required every 1 to 2 years, which means that the cost of laser under eye bag removal is significantly lower than other, more invasive procedures.

Laser Treatment for Baggy Eyes

A single short, half hour laser under eye bag removal treatment may be all that is required to restore that youthful look to the under eye region. Baggy eyes occur as a result of the stresses and strains of the ageing process, symptoms that no one should have to display to the world. With the availability of these minimally invasive treatments it is easy to reverse the signs of ageing without spending excessive amounts of money. When such wonderful treatment exists, it is entirely unnecessary for any person to feel uncomfortable with the bags under their eyes. With such a low risk factor and such high hopes for success, laser under eye treatments are most certainly the way forward.