Ultra Neck Lift Technique

Non-surgical and non-invasive Takes less than an hour Offers instantly noticeable results Offers lasting results How Ultra Neck Lift Works

The Ultra Neck Lift technique is a combination of one or more modalities. One modality involves a device that works by delivering deeply into the skin gradual, constant radio-frequency energy. This energy creates a heat buildup at the junction where the fat layer and skin meet. This heat modifies the collagen bundles deep in the skin resulting in contraction and, over time, the stimulation of new collagen growth resulting in tighter, firmer and younger looking skin.

A second modality uses ultrasound to stimulate the structural support layers deep in the skin. Importantly, the depth reached is the same foundational layer normally treated during a surgical facelift procedure. The body’s own healing process is stimulated to create new collagen and the skin is lifted and tightened from the inside out.

If excessive fat is also an issue a third modality using freezing temperatures may be employed. This non-invasive procedure directs cooling technology to cause sub-cutaneous fat cells to die without injuring the skin’s surface. The body then naturally eliminates the dead fat cells.


The Ultra Neck Lift Los Angeles technique may utilize a radio-frequency device that was cleared by the FDA in 2009 for the treatment of mild to moderate facial wrinkles. Clinical studies indicate that a treatment with this device is a safe and effective alternative to surgery. The ultrasound device that may be used was also cleared by the FDA in 2009 and tens of thousands of procedures have been performed worldwide.

The Ultra Neck Lift Treatment Technique

There is no preparation necessary prior to treatment though we do recommend that you arrive well hydrated. The treatment technique itself will take 30–60 minutes depending on the number of areas treated and the modality or modalities employed. To start the radio-frequency treatment technique a conductive gel will be applied to any areas to be treated. Most patients describe a sensation of deep warming when the hand piece is applied to the skin; some liken the feeling to a warm massage. The ultrasound treatment may involve some discomfort but this is typically temporary and a sign that the focused ultrasound energy has begun the process of building collagen.


The Ultra Neck Lift Technique requires no downtime; you will be able to resume your normal activities immediately. For a few hours the treated area may be mildly swollen and pink but you may cover the area with makeup immediately if you like. It is recommended that you cover the area with an SPF 30 or more sunblock.


For many patients after one session there will be an immediate lifting effect and visible tightening. The skin will be smoother and firmer to the touch. Your results may continue to improve for six months. See Ultra Neck Lift before and after photos

Number of Sessions

As noted, many patients will see results immediately after their first sessions. Some patients choose to receive a series of 2-5 sessions so as to optimize their results. Touch up or maintenance sessions can be done at any time for long term maintenance.