Organic Papaya Enzyme Facial & Peel

Papaya is a tropical fruit that is rich in vitamins A, C and E, plus the enzyme papain that helps naturally exfoliate and smooth your complexion. The exfoliation properties of papain promote cell turnover and skin renewal. Papaya’s anti-oxidant qualities fight free radicals helping to keep the skin from premature aging and other conditions. The papaya’s natural vitamin oils further enhance the skin effects of this soothing treatment.

The Organic Papaya Enzyme Facial & Peel begins in our dedicated skin therapy rooms with a skin analysis by our highly trained aestheticians. Then a thorough cleansing followed by a gentle exfoliation with soothing steam. Next, a freshly blended Organic Papaya Enzyme masque is spread over the skin to allow the deep penetration of its ingredients.

Exfoliates and clarifies the skin Repairs, moisturizes and protects Appropriate for all skin types including sensitive or mature complexions In addition to exfoliating your skin, clearing it of dirt and dark spots, the Organic Papaya Enzyme Facial & Peel will reveal new skin cells leaving you with softer, glowing skin.