Neck Lift

Neck lift procedures include both surgical and nonsurgical methods for lifting tired skin and providing a tighter, refined jawline. Aging, heredity, weight gain, tissue loss and sun damage can produce sagging skin around the jawline, double chins and turkey wattles. Cervicoplasty is the traditional surgical procedure that removes loose skin at the neck, tightens the remaining skin and restores the jawline, shaving years off your appearance. Traditional neck lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes from two to three hours. Your doctor can remove or alter muscles in your neck, use liposuction to remove unwanted fat and inject dermal fillers to sculpt the area into a pleasing aesthetic appearance.

Neck Lift Photos

Neck lift before after photos show the dramatic improvement that neck procedures could make in your silhouette and appearance. Non surgical neck lift procedures can treat conditions like turkey wattles, double chins, sagging skin and wrinkles. You can choose between surgery, injectables, ultrasound, liposuction and a host of affordable cosmetic solutions for quick results or long-term cosmetic enhancement.

Micro Neck Lift

You surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist can often produce astonishing results without using general anesthesia and exposing you to even the minimal risks and greater costs of general surgery. One of the micro neck lift procedures is called a submentoplasty, and this technique is perfect for dealing with disfiguring fatty deposits, banding, sagging skin and wrinkles. Done on an outpatient basis, a submentoplasty often includes several types of noninvasive cosmetic treatments.

The micro procedures include minimally invasive surgery to remove muscle and skin through small cuts under the chin or at the back of the neck. Laser lifts destroy fat cells and reshape how your neck looks while promoting a healthier complexion by refreshing the neck with a new layer of unblemished skin. Surgeons can use fillers, fat injections and lipo to sculpt areas of the neck, remove turkey wattles and minimize double chins. Neck Liposuction

Liposuction in the neck and jawline area works in two ways to restore your appearance. Neck liposuction tightens tissue and helps to remove blemishes, sagging skin and wrinkles. The other benefit of lipo is removing unwanted fatty deposits that create double chins and cause necks and jawlines to look older or simply tired. Liposuction techniques have become increasingly popular because they can resculpt and reshape areas of the face and body without invasive surgery. You and your doctor can choose from traditional lipo, laser procedures and ultrasound technology to remove unwanted fat. Traditional lipo involves inserting a small tube under the skin, adding a fat-liquefying agent and vacuuming fat from the neck. Lasers and ultrasound can also disrupt fat cells for liposuction or noninvasive removal through natural metabolic processes. Laser lipolysis melts fat while ultrasound disrupts cellular processes causing fat cells to disintegrate. These techniques work well as stand-alone procedures or as complementary treatments for traditional neck or face lifts.

Neck Lift Without Surgery

BeautySculptSpa’s Dr. Simon Ourian has developed a signature treatment that produces the benefits of a traditional neck lift without the high price tag, extended recovery time, surgical risks and scarring that occur with traditional surgery under general anesthesia. The Ultra Neck Lift uses several key procedures to melt fat, stimulate collagen production, refresh skin, fill depressed areas in the skin and stimulate the structural support system under the skin. Melting or freezing fat causes cells to die, and the body removes dead cells through routine processes. Treating skin with ultrasonic waves removes wrinkles, tightens skin and stimulates healthier skin tone. Other neck lift without surgery techniques include:

Chemical Peel: This standard cosmetic procedure works for many types of skin problems by giving a boost to your natural ability to refresh skin. Removing a layer of skin stimulates new growth, removes or minimizes wrinkles, makes scars less noticeable and tightens the skin of the neck. The treatment also stimulates better blood circulation and more collagen production to generate smoother, elastic skin. Ultrasound Therapy: Ultrasound stimulates collagen production to restore a youthful appearance and tighten neck skin. The radiowaves also disrupt fat cells, which helps to reshape the neck area and remove sagging, double chins and minor cases of turkey neck. Chemical Infusion: Chemical infusions under the skin carry signature mixes of vitamins, platelets and nutrients to stimulate healing, strengthen connective tissues and promote healthier skin. Microneedle Therapy: This technique is an alternative method of stimulating collagen by inserting fine needles to the neck area. Dermal Fillers: Injectables like Botox, Radiesse and Juvaderm can fill depressed areas, minimize wrinkles and reshape the neck for a more aesthetically pleasing facial appearance.

Best Procedure Double Chin

The best procedure double chin, wrinkles or sagging skin depends on your cosmetic goals, and a noninvasive technique offers many advantages over traditional surgeries. Explore all your options by consulting an experienced surgeon who routinely offers an array of cosmetic solutions to fit every lifestyle, budget and aesthetic goal.

Turkey Wattles Come from Aging

Extensive turkey wattles under the chin are caused by aging, weakened neck muscles, fat accumulations and skin damage from environmental factors. The cost of removing extensive turkey wattles under the chin usually involves a full neck lift and platysmaplasty surgery. Surgeons make incisions behind the ears and/or under the chin to reach the neck muscle or platysma. The procedure could require removing some muscle or repositioning weakened muscle and securing it with permanent sutures. Turkey neck is caused by loose muscle, excess skin and fatty deposits below and above the neck muscle.

Neck Lift Jowls

Sometimes, neck lift jowls return after a neck rejuvenation procedure due to weight gain or failure of the surgeon to secure the neck muscle properly. Your surgeon can correct the problem by redraping the muscle or removing fat through lipo or ultrasound.

Turkey Neck Lift Cost

A neck lift procedure can generate astonishing improvements in your appearance and self-image without costing as much as facelifts or full facial rejuvenations. Appropriate for people in their 30s, these surgical and non surgical neck lift cosmetic procedures are fast, affordable and safe for most people.