Lip Enhancement

Full lips give the impression of youth and sensuality. Many will agree that thin lips often reveal one’s true age and detract from an otherwise youthful appearance. Lip enhancements have become quite popular today. Most patients discover that the before & after lip enhancement results can be quite dramatic. BeautySculptSpa offers lip enhancement in McAllen and the surrounding areas.

What Creates that much desired before & after Lip Enhancement Results? Plumping: The doctor will inject a dermal filler into your lips so as to provide adequate results for before & after Lip Enhancement images. Only local anesthesia is needed, and because the needles used are very thin most people experience little to no pain. Refining: Depending on the treatment package chosen by the patient the plumping process may be repeated two to three more times if necessary. Laser Treatment: Finally, the lips are resurfaced using a laser. The laser beam penetrates to a precise, controlled depth, making the procedure safe and very predictable. This removes the fine lines leaving the texture of the lips smooth, soft and supple. The laser can add significantly to the before & after Lip enhancement results. With the overall texture of the lips becoming smooth and supple it creates that much desired youthful appearance. Alternatives to Laser Lip Enhancement would be Fat Transfer, Collagen, Dermalogen, Hyaluronic Acid or Alloderm.

The benefits of a Lip Enhancement Treatment are incredible. It can offer pouty lips that look fuller and sexier. This procedure can also correct uneven or crooked lips. For patients that have underdeveloped lips it can plump and add a fuller contour. This treatment pumps up the thinning tissue underneath the surface of the lips. Many patients find that the before & after Lip Enhancement results are just as they have envisioned. If you are considering Lip Enhancement in McAllen or the surrounding areas, please contact our office for a private consultation appointment.

The new Laser Lip Enhancement Treatment is typically faster and less expensive, and longer lasting than surgery. This greatly adds to the appeal of this treatment. Patients are finding that the much desired before & after Lip Enhancement results last much longer with this form of treatment.

The best candidates for a Lip Enhancement procedure are men and women who desire fuller, more pouty lips, and those who want to remove the lines around their mouth. Results of Lip Enhancement can be temporary or permanent depending on the technique used. At the consultation appointment the physician will discuss the various techniques used and the desired result that you are looking for.

Typically, Lip Enhancement is relatively a simple procedure. However, as with all surgical procedures, complications may occur. The most common complications are; cold sore outbreak, infection, and re-absorption of the filler. Be sure to discuss all your concerns with your physician.

You may return to your regular routine immediately after a Lip Enhancement procedure. Swelling and bruising may last for three days to two weeks. Discomfort is reported as minimal and pain medication is often not required.

It is important for patients to avoid taking aspirin for a week prior to the Lip Enhancement treatment. It is recommended that a compress be applied to the treated area firmly for 10 minutes to minimize bruising. Cold compresses may be continued for 1–2 hours after the Lip Enhancement Treatment.

Anyone interesting in Lip Enhancement in McAllen or the surrounding area is welcome to contact BeautySculptSpa for more information regarding the treatment options. Every individual seeks changes for various reasons. Many are looking to correct features that have resulted in a loss of self-confidence and self-image. The professionals at BeautySculptSpa strive to help each patient achieve their aesthetic goals. It is important that each patient have expectations for improvement and not perfection.