Acne Scar Removal

Choosing a full service medical facility for acne scar removal offers more choices for treatments, ways to control future outbreaks and complementary cosmetic procedures to restore your skin’s appearance. Acne always leaves some scarring, though it is often minimal, and most people experience acne outbreaks in the course of their lives. Acne is caused by clogged pores, bacteria and oil, and is most common during adolescence when hormones cause changes in metabolism. However, acne can occur at any time, and adult acne often erupts more severely, producing disfiguring scars. After the eruptions heal, various shapes and sizes of scars remain as permanent reminders of these common facial eruptions. You can minimize acne scars with camouflaging makeup, preventive acne treatments, acne scar removal home remedies and various cosmetic procedures.

Acne Scar Treatment

Acne scars make many people feel embarrassed or self-conscious, but fortunately, acne scar treatment can remove or minimize them through cosmetic and homeopathic treatments. Treatment options depend on the severity of the scarring and type of acne scar. Scarring occurs as a natural bodily function to repair damage after an injury, illness or infection, but the body doesn’t care about aesthetics when making these repairs. Scars can be raised, depressed or discolored, which makes them stand out and mar smooth complexions. Various kinds of acne cause scarring, so you could have many different kinds of scars. Most acne occurs on the face, making outbreaks and scarring highly visible. For best results, you should discuss your acne scarring and cosmetic options with a doctor or board-certified dermatologist before treating any kind of acne scar.

Types of scars include:

Macules. These scars appear as flat, reddish spots but often fade within six months. Skin discoloration. Changes in skin pigmentation are common. Ice-pick. These blemishes resemble the deep, narrow marks that an ice-pick would produce. Boxcar. These scars are angular and box-shaped. Rolling scars. These scars create a wavelike pattern on the skin. Hypertrophic. These blemishes develop when healing leaves a raised area on skin. Atrophic. These scars are shallow and depressed, probably due to a lack of collagen when healing. Keloid. These hypertrophic scars grow beyond the boundaries of the original acne wound.

Laser Acne Scar Removal

Acne and its scars don’t usually cause serious medical risks, so treatment is a personal decision. Scarring can generate an extreme effect emotionally, however. Some scars are disfiguring, and some spoil an otherwise beautiful complexion. You can try natural remedies, camouflage scars with cosmetics or seek help from an accredited cosmetic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist. Many patients investigate medical tourism to find lower treatment prices because scar remediation isn’t covered by insurance, but you should carefully research the facility before entrusting your skin and health to facilities that might not be as carefully regulated as those in the United Sates and other Western countries.

Cosmetic procedures to repair acne scars include:

Dermabrasion: Dermabrasion removes the top layers of skin to make scars less noticeable. Microdermabrasion offers a less invasive series of treatments to achieve a similar effect. Punch Incisions: This technique involves punching out the scarred skin and replacing it with a skin graft of unscarred skin, which often comes from the back of the earlobe. Skin Needling: Also known as collagen induction therapy, skin needling involves puncturing the skin with microneedles to stimulate collagen production and promote healthy scar healing. Laser Acne Scar Removal: Laser acne scar removal is a minimally invasive and removes a small layer of skin to stimulate new healing, which often reduces scarring. Subcision: This technique is used to stretch skin and treat rolling scars. Subcutaneous incisions break up the fibrous bands beneath the skin that cause the “rolling” appearance. Chemical Peels and Reconstruction: Chemical peels work well for discolored or superficial scars. Chemicals are applied to the skin that cause the top layer of skin to die, and the skin regenerates with an improved appearance. Fat Transfer: Doctors harvest fat cells from other areas of your body and inject them under the skin in scarred areas to create a more uniform skin surface. Injections: Dermal fillers like Radiesse and Juvéderm can fill depressed areas or camouflage scars when applied artistically. Steroid injections can reduce hypertrophic and keloidal scars. Coolaser: Coolaser treatments are laser acne scar removal procedures that can reduce scarring in one short 20-minute treatment. Noninvasive and considered safe, BeautySculptSpa’s signature acne scar removal treatment removes outer layers of skin with great precision to sculpt around scars to minimize their appearances. Healing takes from 10 to 12 days. Cryotherapy: This treatment freezes scar tissue, which causes it to die and fall away from the skin. New healing is often encouraged by intralesional injections so that new scars look more like the surrounding skin.

Acne Scar Removal Products

Products that help to minimize acne scarring include moisturizing creams, massage and pressure bandages, tea tree oil and cosmetics that hide scars. Acne scar removal products such as creams contain various formulas of salicylic acids, corticosteroids and antihistamines to reduce swelling, promote healthier skin and stimulate new growth. An acne scar removal cream not only treat acne scars independently but also help promote better healing after surgical procedures to reduce scarring.

Natural Acne Scar Removal

Natural acne scar removal techniques work in many cases when scarring is minimal. Acne scars home remedies include eating nutritional foods to promote healthier skin and avoiding sun and environmental toxins. Sun makes scars appear more visible and discoloration more noticeable.

Other common acne scars home remedies include:

Use aspirin to make a paste to deliver salicylic acid to the affected skin. Rose-water and funugreek pastes soothe and cool skin to minimize scars. Cucumber works well for keeping skin smooth and supple. Lemon juice can lighten dark scars by providing a natural bleaching action. Ice cubes, pressure massages and bandaging affected areas can reduce swelling of hypertrophic scars. Aloe Vera helps to heal scars and moisturize skin.

Acne Scar Removal Cost

Treating acne scars can be inexpensive with natural treatments and acne scar removal cream, but the costs of surgical procedures vary tremendously due to geographic locations, type of procedure and skill of the surgeon. Remember that all cosmetic procedures require some artistic skill for best aesthetic results, so price should never be your sole criterion when choosing a procedure or surgeon.

Acne Scar Treatment

You should see your doctor and discuss your acne scars and cosmetic goals to determine the best treatment option. One thing to consider is whether new outbreaks are likely. You might need acne treatments to prevent further outbreaks and scarring, and your choice of treatment could minimize scarring. Getting acne advice and scar treatment from an experienced, skilled and caring cosmetic professional saves money over time and gets the best holistic results for your skin.

Coolaser treatment can improve the look of wrinkles, fine lines around the mouth and eyes, facial scars, uneven skin pigmentation, sun damaged skin, and acne scars. Coolaser treatment treats wrinkles, improves the look of fine lines around the mouth and eyes, tightens skin, evens out uneven skin tone, removes sun damaged skin, sun spots, and scars.

During adolescence, some individuals can experience severe acne, which can often lead to scarring. These scars may vary widely in shape, type and color. This can leave individuals overwhelmed with how to get rid of acne scars.

An ideal form of treatment is that of an individualized treatment plan, due to the variation in scars. Most facial acne scars can be treated successfully using one of the current modalities available, which is Coolaser ™ technique Laser Resurfacing. This is recommended as the best treatment for acne scars that are located on the facial area.

Alternatives to Coolaser ™ technique Laser Resurfacing might be Microdermabrasion, Topical Creams, Chemical Peels, and Injectable Fillers.

There are several types of Laser Resurfacing that can address the question of how to get rid of acne scars so it is important to seek treatment with a highly qualified physician that can assess your specific concerns. BeautySculptSpa offers extremely qualified and well respected physicians in the area of cosmetic dermatology. If you want to know if the best treatment for your facial acne scars may be Coolaser ™ technique Laser Resurfacing, please contact our office for a private consultation appointment.

The basic theory behind Laser Resurfacing is that it resembles the process of sanding the surface of a damaged table so that the acne scars are less deep. The procedure itself takes about an hour. First, the entire face is numbed, using a topical cream. Then a beam of light removes the outermost layer of the skin. Though healing takes 10 to 12 days, a significant improvement may be expected depending on the type and extent of scarring. A single session may not treat the acne scars entirely if they are too deep. These deeper acne scars can be corrected by injections under the skin. The injections are typically done with dermal fillers such as Radiesse, Juvéderm or Restylane. At the consultation appointment the physician will outline if Coolaser ™ technique Laser Resurfacing alone will treat the acne scars or if a combination of Coolaser ™ technique Laser Resurfacing and injections are needed.

The Coolaser ™ technique Laser Facial Acne Scar Removal procedure can be performed on both men and women. Typically these are individuals that are over the age of 18, and have had no other medical complications. Most often this is an elective procedure by patients that desire to get rid of acne scars, or to at least diminish their appearance as much as possible. Currently this is one of the best treatments for acne scars, but it might not remove every detail. It is always important for individuals to have realistic expectations for improvement and not perfection. Coolaser ™ technique Laser Acne Skin Removal is considered to be a very safe form of treatment. Several common side effects that may occur are a transient pigmentation change, swelling, and or discomfort in the treated area. When preparing for the procedure it is important for patients to understand that they need to avoid direct exposure to sunlight for 4 weeks prior to Coolaser ™ technique Laser Skin Resurfacing. We highly recommend the use a SPF 30 or greater sunscreen after treatment. If you have been instructed by the physician to use a topical cream 4–6 weeks prior to each treatment it is important to follow those instructions. If your physician has prescribed any oral antibiotics and antiviral medication it is important to take all medication as prescribed. If at any time you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Typical recovery instructions are to avoid any trauma to the treated area such as scratching and or picking. If crusts or scabs develop, it is important to let them fall off on their own. Showers are permitted but patients are encouraged to gently pat the area to dry to avoid trauma. Swimming and contact sports should be avoided until your skin has healed. For most patients, makeup may be worn only after the treatment area has healed entirely.

Many patients have tried everything that they can think of for getting rid of acne scars. Most will attest that the affects of acne scars can reach beyond the actual physical scar. Coolaser ™ technique Laser Acne Skin Removal treatment offers so much more than being the best treatment option for facial acne scars. It can help a patient become much more comfortable with their own appearance. This can result in so much more than diminished scars. It can help build self-confidence and overall self-image.

If you would like to learn more about your options for getting rid of acne scars or to schedule a private consultation, please contact BeautySculptSpa for more information.