Zeltiq Treatment

Zeltiq is an FDA-approved method of cooling fat cells until they crystallize and die. The body slowly digests the ruptured cells in the targeted area, so your doctor can use this technique to remove unwanted fatty deposits that haven’t responded to other forms of dieting and exercise. This patented method is called cryolipolysis, the cosmetic art of targeting, cooling and getting rid of fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue.

Zeltiq Procedure The Zeltiq procedure results in up to a 25% loss of fat in targeted areas, and you can have the procedure while working on your laptop, reading or simply relaxing. Unlike liposuction, tummy tucks and lasers, no heat, incisions and breaking of skin are necessary, so you never risk postoperative infections, surgical complications or anesthesia reactions. Perfect for removing small pockets of fat, the method has gained lots of media attention, and patients can study before-and-after photos and videos to see how simply the process works.

The Zeltiq machine is about the size of a dorm refrigerator. Your doctor will place a sheet of gel over the treatment area. An applicator is used to apply suction to the targeted area and cool the fat rapidly. The vacuum applicator has contoured cups that provide a selection of choices to target the shape of the area being treated more precisely. Some discomfort occurs during the first few minutes when patients experience an intensely cold sensation at the site. The process lasts from one to three hours depending on how much fat you and your doctor decide to target. You can return to normal activities immediately. Fat cells die gradually over the next four months, but you might continue to see losses of fat for up to six months.

Does Zeltiq Work? The procedure usually takes about three weeks before you begin seeing results because the body needs time to digest the fat and flush the cells. This Zeltiq technique reduces localized fatty deposits as much as 25% without producing significant side effects, discomfort or pain. Even minimally invasive techniques require recovery periods, but you can resume your regular life immediately. Unlike other methods of removing fat, you are actually killing some of the cells that store unwanted fat, so the technique can prevent regaining fat in places where it is hard to lose weight. Of course, you can always regain fat, but it should be more evenly distributed. The process only works for small areas of fat, so don’t use Zeltiq to lose weight or treat obesity. The answer to the question “Does Zeltiq Work” is yes

Zeltiq Side Effects Patients feel pressure and a cold sensation, but these Zeltiq side effects fade quickly. Patients almost never express an unwillingness to repeat the procedure due to discomfort. The thinner you are, the more likely you will experience a stronger initial reaction. After treatment, you might have numbness, dull aches, swelling or bruising, but these symptoms disappear quickly. You will not experience skin tightening or laxity, unevenness or dimpling after treatment. The skin is never broken, so infections don’t occur.

Zeltiq Cost The Zeltiq cost of removing unwanted fat with this treatment depends on how many areas are targeted and the total areas’ size. Due to the low price and lack of side effects and complications, many people who have never scheduled cosmetic procedures have found Zeltiq attractive. For best results, choose a doctor based on skill and reputation instead of price.

Zeltiq Vs Zerona Zerona and Zeltiq received FDA approval at the same time, and both procedures target unwanted fat noninvasively with different methods. Zerona uses low-power lasers to melt fat, but the technique doesn’t target fat as precisely as cool techniques. If you want to target pockets of stubborn fat, choose Zeltiq. Always discuss your options with your doctor before settling on any cosmetic procedure. Consider the following points in deciding treatment:

Zerona requires postoperative dieting and exercise while freezing fat cells just requires waiting for the body to perform its natural functions. Zerona takes a series of six treatments, but you can schedule as few or as many Zeltiq treatments as you want. The FDA has issued warnings about fat-melting claims, which are often inflated, so don’t choose a technique before consulting a reliable medical professional.

Zeltiq Results The initial enthusiasm for Zeltiq’s public stock offering has cooled, but company officials explain that the technique will continue to attract evidence-based cosmetic doctors who wait to see the results of new technologies before committing to expensive equipment and untested procedures. The company predicted this scenario in planning its public stock offering and expects steady appreciation in the biomedical stock’s value.

Zeltiq Reviews Zeltiq reviews have been so positive that news shows have demonstrated the technique all over the world. Only patients who had unrealistic expectations of becoming slim instantly seem to express dissatisfaction, but most reviews remain overwhelming supportive. Approval rates depend on the practice but average 75% or higher.

Zeltiq McAllen Discuss your medical history and cosmetic goals with an experienced medical professional before beginning any type of treatment. Your doctor can answer questions and suggest the most effective strategy for achieving your goals with the least disruption to normal activities. The Zeltiq McAllen treatment is an option for removing unwanted fat, and a full-service medical center will provide the best options for your health, appearance and budget.