Stretch Marks Treatment

Alternative to CoolBeam ™ technique Treatment could be Surgery Microdermabrasion (limited efficacy), Topical creams (limited efficacy).

During the CoolBeam ™ technique procedure the entire surface of the skin is cooled using a special device. A series of light pulses are flashed on the surface of the skin. The skin cells absorb the energy of light. The absorption in turn causes the instantaneous vaporization of the superficial cell. As your physician passes the light over your skin, a mere 10 millionth of an inch of tissue is removed at a time. This incredible control allows your physician to treat only as deeply as needed. After the damaged skin is removed, new skin will quickly regrow in its place. Unlike other laser treatments the CoolBeam ™ technique does not require a recovery period.

Anyone with new or old stretch marks may benefit from CoolBeam ™ technique treatment.

The results of treatment with CoolBeam ™ technique are long lasting. The minor lines and stretch marks will be gone, leaving you with a fresh perspective on your appearance. Most people require a series of treatments to see optimal results. As with other subtle procedures, you will still look like you, only better.

Treatments with CoolBeam ™ technique procedures are considered very safe. However, a transient pigmentation change, swelling, and discomfort in the treated area may be expected. A thorough evaluation by your treating physician is necessary.

Usually no time needed to recover from CoolBeam ™ technique procedure.

Pain during the CoolBeam ™ technique laser treatment is minimal to none. The cooling effect of the CoolBeam ™ technique will minimize any discomfort.

Your doctor will advise you on a pre-treatment plan to prepare the skin for CoolBeam ™ technique. This depends on a variety of factors, so your doctor will suggest a regime tailored specifically to your needs. At the time of the procedure, you will also be given specific instructions on how to care for your skin immediately following your treatment.

After having CoolBeam ™ technique treatment, expect to have mild swelling, discomfort and some skin redness—all easily treated with ice packs.

CoolBeam ™ technique Body Testimonials “I had talked to many doctors and they all said nothing would work. I am glad I tried this. After the very first CoolBeam ™ technique I could see results. I have shown my stomach to anyone who asks.”

CoolBeam ™ technique treatment works for men too! In fact a large number of people who have stretch marks and want to remove them are men.

Usually between 3 to 5 treatments with CoolBeam ™ technique laser are needed for optimal results.

CoolBeam ™ technique Treatments are recommended at 3 to 6 weeks intervals for optimal results.