Stretch Marks Removal

Unsightly scars and stretch marks, or striae, have presented problems for men and women for centuries. Scars and stretch marks are generally considered unsightly, disfiguring and unacceptable by many people.

Treatments include applying topical BeautySculptSpa stretch mark treatments include applying topical products, as well as more sophisticated in office procedures, including laser stretch mark treatments.

If you wish to improve the appearance of your stretch marks, and don’t want to go through a long recovery period to achieve optimal results laser stretch mark removal may be the right treatment for you. The surgeon will evaluate your skin’s characteristics to make a recommendation regarding what procedure is right for you.

Although there is definite improvement in most cases, none of the stretch mark treatments are perfect. Coolaser ™ technique results is the most noticeable results.

Lasers have been used for many years for a variety of medical procedures. They have an extraordinary track record for safety and accuracy. Immediately after the stretch mark treatment the areas may appear red. Pain is generally mild and transient. Side effects are uncommon and generally temporary.

In majority of cases there is no recovery time after stretch mark removal procedures. However, any skin reaction should be transient.

The degree of discomfort during stretch mark removal procedure varies with each person depending on one’s pain threshold. Topical anesthesia may also be requested based on individual preferences or tolerances. Be sure to discuss this with your physician prior to the laser treatment.

BeautySculptSpa stretch mark removal procedures work for men too.

An average of 3–5 treatments is recommended.