Radiofrequency Body Sculpting

In the pursuit of a more toned physique, RF fat removal has become somewhat of a modern day Fountain of Youth. This treatment is entirely non-invasive, and therefore may be preferable to other forms of cosmetic surgery. Results are intended to be highly effective and long-lasting as the process targets fat cells deep within the dermis. This new age form of lipolysis is ideal for people who want to lose an inch or two and tighten up loose skin simultaneously. doctor-b1

Radio Frequency Fat and Cellulite Reduction While many other types of lipolysis are only able to target one problem at a time, radio frequency body sculpting tackles various issues concurrently. Different energy strengths can be targeted at different levels in order to not only remove fat but improve tone and elasticity.

Cellulite: The heat generated by the device converts cellulite into water and carbon dioxide, which is removed from the body simply and painlessly through the lymphatic system. Skin Tightening: An increase in collagen production assists in firming up the skin, improving overall tone and lessening the effects of deep wrinkles. Radio Frequency Fat Removal Each radio frequency fat removal session generally lasts for about 60 minutes, during which patients feel little to no discomfort. Because the procedure is entirely non-invasive there is no pain or danger of side effects. The device is pressed against the upper surface of the skin, allowing charged particles to travel through the tissue to the required area. The high-frequency vibration of these particles generates enough heat to reduce cellulite and regenerate collagen.

Radiofrequency Fat Removal Reviews Most people respond to radio frequency treatments immediately, noticing results right after their first treatment. Repeated treatments will lead to more obvious, longer-lasting results. It is important to note that results often depend on age and the level of damage to the treatment area. This treatment is considered safe for long term use, and sessions can be continued until the desired results are shown. Once the desired results are achieved, it is possible to schedule “maintenance” sessions to keep the skin looking and feeling tight and perky.

Radio Frequency Fat Removal Side Effects Ongoing clinical studies show that there are no serious radio frequency fat removal side effects. Similarly, ongoing trials and studies prove that there are no “non-responders”. The treatment process is non-invasive, pain-free, and does not necessitate the ingestion or injection of any substances. The procedure is approved across the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and most of Asia; making it more widely recognized than other types of lipolysis.

Although the procedure is safe, it has been recommended that pregnant women should refrain from treatments, as should any person dealing with inflamed skin or any diseases affecting the skin. Pacemakers and metal medical implants have the potential to cause complications, and as such may not be permitted in the treatment area.

RF Fat Removal Temperatures can reach up to 43ºC, and as such many clients worry that their skin will suffer from damage. During treatment, the hand piece cools down any parts of the device that are in direct contact with the skin. For this reason, heat is only targeted to the tissues that require attention. Patients will experience feelings of being cold outside but warm inside. While the experience may take some getting used to, it can be surprisingly comfortable.

Radiofrequency Body Sculpting Before and After Unlike cosmetic surgery, radio frequency treatment does not require any additional preparation. A consultant will discuss desired results and suggest an initial number of treatments; however the final decision is ultimately left to the client. After treatment there will be no swelling, discomfort or other side effects. There is no required down time and there is no list of skin products that should be avoided. For adequate cellulite removal it is suggested that clients up their water intake to improve the functions of the lymphatic system, but this is merely additional advice and not a strict requirement.

Radio Frequency Fat Reduction Reviews Most treatment centers offer package deals, lowering the cost per treatment by a significant amount. It is, however, entirely up to the clients to choose whether or not to make use of a full treatment package. Clients are not expected to commit to any particular number of sessions per week or per month, and can choose to book a session at their convenience.

Radiofrequency Body Sculpting Reviews There is an overwhelming amount of positive feedback in most (if not all) radio frequency fat reduction reviews. Although there are varying degrees of success, all respondents report at least some change. While there may not be overwhelmingly impressive results after one single treatment, radio frequency fat removal reviews indicate that results become more visible with each session. Treatment can be adjusted to target areas that bother clients most, which means that there is no need to deal with or pay for unnecessary sessions. Many people remark that the procedure feels almost like a soothing massage, which further adds to its appeal.

Radio Frequency for Cellulite Reduction Most people suffering from the onset of visible cellulite will know that the fat pockets causing the issue are particularly stubborn. There is no way to know how many treatments are necessary initially. Over time, however, the appearance of cellulite will begin to fade. It is recommended to continue treatment until the desired effect is achieved. Because there are no side effects, long term treatment is perfectly acceptable.

Radiofrequency for cellulite reduction and fat removal is safer than liposuction or other forms of lipolysis. There are no side effects, costs are relatively low, and the customer has full control over when to stop treatments. As an added bonus, RF fat removal can be used in conjunction with other treatments, should the client deem them necessary.