In the never-ending pursuit of the perfect, bikini-ready body, women spend countless hours researching one treatment after the next in the hope that they can finally stop hiding their unwanted bulges, lumps, and bumps under layers of clothing. LipoFreeze is one of the newest treatments in terms of fat reduction and body toning.

By combining the best aspects of Coolsculpting and radiofrequency body sculpting, this fat reduction technique targets the most common problem areas including arms, back, stomach, love handles, and thighs.

LipoFreeze Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Unlike many other plastic surgery procedures, LipoFreeze is entirely non-invasive. Essentially, the treatment is able to harness the body’s own metabolic processes to get rid of fat permanently. Invasive procedures, like liposuction, remove fat cells through physical extraction procedures. While results are immediate, the aftermath is often painful; sending the body into shock. Cryolipolysis, on the hand, allows the body to remove unwanted fat cells at its own pace. Bulges and lumps gradually disappear over a number of days or weeks, allowing the body to permanently rid itself of unwanted fat.

LipoFreeze The most remarkable thing about this fat reduction procedure is that the fat cells are removed permanently in a manner that is surprisingly gentle. Losing 1 to 2 inches off one’s waistline is something that many women (and men) could only dream of with conventional fat loss programs. The procedure is designed to target fat cells, although some patients have been lucky enough to report some extra weight loss as well.

LipoFreeze Procedure The LipoFreeze procedure uses advanced cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells; breaking them down into a form that will allow the body to remove it naturally. A gel applicator pad is applied to the skin, directly above the targeted area. Carefully controlled cooling is applied to the fat cells in the target area, gently freezing them from the outside in. These cells will then crystalize and die, after which they will slowly be metabolized by the body. Although the metabolic process is not instant, results become gradually more visible after a few weeks as the body slowly gets rid of the crystalized fat cells.

LipoFreeze Sessions Generally speaking, treatment sessions will last for about an hour per target area. Of course, patients are able to book longer sessions depending on how many areas they would like to target in one sitting. Some people prefer to break up their treatment into several sessions while others prefer to sit for several hours — it really is down to personal preference. In order to achieve the desired results, it may be necessary to schedule more than one treatment. However, this is entirely up to the patient as well. The recommended period of time between sessions is 4 — 6 weeks, although many patients are happy to schedule re-treatment at the 4 month mark.

Coolsculpting During their initial consultation, patients will discuss their expectations, view LipoFreeze before and after photos, and receive feedback from a licensed professional. The physician will make a suggestion as to how many sessions the patient will need. After the initial treatment there should be no pain or serious discomfort; a mild tingling or itching sensation is typically as serious as LipoFreeze side effects get. Some patients report that sensation in the treatment area is somewhat dulled for a few weeks. There is no required down time after a LipoFreeze treatment, and patients are free to resume their daily activities. Some people prefer to dive straight into their exercise routine, as this may boost their metabolism and aid in the removal of frozen fat cells. It has been suggested that an increase in water consumption may also be a good idea, as this aids in boosting metabolic rate. These are, however, mere suggestions as opposed to strict instructions. In order to maintain their new physique, clients will need to follow a well-balanced lifestyle; though no strict dietary requirements are necessary.

LipoFreeze Side Effects There are no serious LipoFreeze side effects. The controlled cooling procedure is designed to affect only fat cells, leaving all other cells and tissues unharmed. As such, there are no serious precautions with this FDA approved procedure. There is no risk of infection with this non-surgical procedure. Slight tenderness or cramping can occur, though most patients report not having any noticeable side effects.

How Much Does LipoFreeze Cost? Searches for the keyword “LipoFreeze cost” will yield results that are less than costs associated with other fat reduction procedures. Prices can be higher based on the length of each session and the size of the treatment area. Package deals may be available, and these will reduce the cost per session by a significant amount. Of course, clients are not required to take a package deal as they may be happy with a single session. The flexibility of the procedure makes it more desirable than other, less effective fat reduction treatments.

LipoFreeze Review Most patients are pleased to report noticeable results within 8 weeks — which generally means that 2 sessions per area may be all it takes to reduce fat by the desired amount. Fat cells do not regenerate, so once they have been frozen and removed there is no chance of them reappearing. The relaxing nature of the treatment allows patients to spend their sessions reading, watching movies, or catching up on some much-needed downtime. The painless nature of LipoFreeze serves to further add to its appeal.