CoolSculpting Treatment

CoolSculpting is a noninvasive treatment designed to kill fat cells in areas where patients have unwanted deposits, the procedure works best for patients who are only slightly overweight instead of obese. Cryolipolysis is the term cosmetic treatments to use freezing technology to remove fat by rupturing fat cells, Lasers, ultrasound, and radio-wave frequencies are other options physicians have at their disposal to address unwanted fat deposits.

Zeltiq Cryolipolysis works without needles, heat, surgery and general anesthesia, so there are no scars afterward. Coolsculpting procedures take minimal time, and various devices can trigger inflammation of fat cells and their eventual death, which is called apoptosis. The body removes the dead cells in the usual way. Evidence suggests that any future weight gain will be more evenly distributed because fewer fat cells remain to absorb fat in the areas where fatty deposits previously appeared. After the procedure, cells begin to die, and they get eliminated over a period of three weeks to three months. Improvements could continue for six months or longer

CoolSculpting Dr. Oz Dr. Oz featured the CoolSculpting procedure on his popular show, and McAllen patients have expressed great interest in the procedure that equipment made by the Zeltiq company manufactures and licensed to cosmetic surgeons. Alternative equipment provides similar results, but treatments have different proprietary names depending on the technique and specific equipment that each surgeon uses to kill or disrupt fat cells. Coolsculpting Dr. Oz is a treatment he popularized with his extended audience as a lunchtime cosmetic procedure to remove fatty deposits.

CoolSculpting Arms Removing unwanted fat from the arms is one of the most common CoolSculpting treatments. Body-sculpting and cryolipolysis techniques are ideal for removing fat on the arms, jaw and neckline, in the breast area and the bulges that produce love handles on the hips and saddle bags on the thighs. The procedure is basically designed to fine-tune fat removal when diet and exercise don’t work. Diet, exercise and liposuction are better alternatives when obesity is the problem. However, many people have small, stubborn pockets of fat on the upper arms, and CoolSculpting arms provide fast results, low costs and minimal risks. When having arm fat removed by cool-sculpting techniques, patients get better results when they exercise to stimulate quicker weight loss and faster metabolism, both of which help to remove dead fat cells. Exercising also helps to firm and tighten skin. If stretch marks remain on the arms or other treated area, BeautySculptSpa offers the Coolbeam treatment technique to help to minimize them.

CoolSculpting Results The CoolSculpting procedure only requires local anesthesia and takes from 30 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on how extensive the treatment area. Most patients get good results from single treatments. Patients can see losses of fat within a week in some cases, but the body requires time to eliminate fat cells through the lymphatic system. Coolsculpting results continue to develop for up to six months. Exercise and wearing compression garments accelerate the speed with which the body removes disintegrated fat cells.

CoolSculpting Side Effects Coolsculpting side effects include temporary numbness, swelling and bruising. The procedure might cause some initial discomfort and a feeling of coolness in the area being treated. A dull pain often continues as long as two weeks after the office treatment, especially if the stomach is treated. Bruising and swelling usually disappear within three days. Most patients express satisfaction with CoolSculpting and its minimal side effects when compared to traditional surgery and liposuction.

CoolSculpting Risks Some patients worry about frostbite and cellular damage, but Coolsculpting risks are minimal because the device can target fat cells very precisely so that collateral damage is unlikely. Cryosurgery typically uses colder temperatures than cryolipolysis, and neither technique generates temperatures below -10 Celsius, which is the temperature that causes cell damage. Risks include some temporary pain, and results might take three or four weeks because the body needs to eliminate the dead fat cells.

CoolSculpting Before and After Coolsculpting before-and-after photos demonstrate clear losses of stubborn fat, improved physiques and more youthful appearances. Patients can look at Coolsculpting before-and-after photo galleries to get better ideas of how much fat they could lose and how well the procedure works at sculpting the arms and body.

CoolSculpting Reviews CoolSculpting reviews show that most patients average a loss of about 4 mm after two months, and people receiving a second treatment lose about 50% more fat. Some patients expect more dramatic weight loss, but this technique sculpts the body instead of getting rid of large amounts of fat. CoolSculpting reviews are generally positive, but as with any type of cosmetic procedure, satisfaction depends on having realistic expectations.

CoolSculpting McAllen Choosing a physician and specific method of getting rid of unwanted fat should never depend only on price. Check the physician’s reputation, find out what cosmetic treatments he or she offers and study the practice’s success rate before committing to any technique. C CoolSculpting can dramatically improve your self-image and sculpt an aesthetically pleasing silhouette. Discuss your goals with a physician at a full-service cosmetic medical center so that you have various options for reaching sensible body and facial goals. Injectables and CoolSculpting allow physicians to sculpt your face and body in noninvasive ways, remove fat and restore a more youthful, appearance.

Method of Fat Removal People who are only slightly overweight but in good health who have unsightly pockets of fat that don’t respond to exercising and dieting. People who are only slightly overweight but in good health who have badly proportioned figures due to excessive fat distribution in key areas

Ideal Patients for Each Procedure People who are only slightly overweight but in good health who have badly proportioned figures due to excessive fat distribution in key areas Improves shape, silhouette and contour. Minimally invasive office procedure

Treatment Benefits Noninvasive office visit that doesn’t require needles, incisions, anesthesia or long recovery periods Targets fat precisely Improves shape and appearance Minimally invasive

Complications and Side Effects No risks or serious complications Patients feel brief cold and tingling Risks of anesthesia reactions, infections and surgical error

Recuperation Ability to resume normal activities immediately Minimal swelling and bruising that disappear quickly Some numbness and tingling after procedure Some bruising and swelling Possible need to wear compression garments A recuperation period that depends on how extensive the surgery is

Outcome Removing fat gradually as frozen cells die Results appear from three weeks to six months Regained fat that distributes more evenly Improved silhouette and shape Immediately visible results Treatment that lasts as long as patients eat healthily and exercise

Warnings Won’t tighten skin Won’t remove skin imperfections Won’t treat large areas of unwanted fatWon’t treat cellulite Won’t affect loose skin Won’t treat obesity